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"(24) Ibid., February 6, 1968. The dispatch read in part: ". . . .'It became necessary to destroy the town to save it,' a U. S., Major was quoted as saying. . . ." " Footnote 24, David Hunt, "Villagers At War...", part 8


More vital information you would not need to know if everything worked as it should

It is time to do a major vocabulary expansion with the concept "nosocomial abuse." Nosocomial abuse occurs when professional conduct produces the very result the professional conduct is supposed to prevent or remedy. A person who enters a hospital for treatment and becomes infected with a microorganism living in the hospital, acquires a nosocomial infection. When a mental health professional uses junk science to create false memories of events in a client, the client has developed a nosocomial disorder. The children who died in the ATF/FBI raid at Waco, Texas, purportedly conducted to protect them from child abuse, became the victims of nosocomial law enforcement. A child whose first forced genital invasion occurs at the hands of a physician searching for evidence of molestation that never occurred, becomes the victim of nosocomial molestation.

After becoming the victim of nosocomial molestation, a child may exhibit the same behavior as a child molested by someone with malicious intent. The following citations, taken from the STATE ONE case cited in PART FIVE, document how this can distort the conclusions reached if additional evidentiary genital examinations are conducted:



December 5, 1994

Progress Notes of (Doctor One) :

(Alleged Victim) (Case File Number) 12-5-94

12-5-94 [illegible written notes] reaction to [illegible written notes]

O: The patient does indeed have mild bilateral otitis media with URI signs and inflamed TMs, and sluggish. The pharynx is mildly inflamed. She does have mild URI signs. Her lungs are clear. The abdomen is soft. She has only mild diaper irritation. Examination of the internal structures shows intact hymenal ring, which is not al all distended. There is mild erythema of her vaginal vault, but this is not striking and represents only mild irritation. There is no sign of trauma, bleeding, bruising, scarring, etc.

A: I feel she does have otitis media, mild, plus possible sinusitis.

P: We have elected to treat her today with Ceclor and we will follow from here.

(Doctor One)


March 11, 1996

Progress Notes of (Doctor One):

3-11-96 ["check" symbol] before court tomorrow


03/11/96 (Alleged Victim)

CHART #: ********

S: (Alleged Victim) generally is here for evaluation of possible sexual abuse. She is brought in here by her mom. There is a note on (Brother) on the same day. I know one of the concerns has been that (Alleged Victim) will hold her legs together and not want to open them up to have a diaper change. She certainly showed some of that behavior today when we initially attempted to examine her.

O: She does appear to be bright. She does have normal tympanic membranes. Her nose and pharynx seem to be fine. Lungs are clear. Abdomen soft. Pulses 2+. Tones, strength and reflexes are normal. Normal femoral pulses. Her perineal area is normal. Over her buttocks she does have some papules consistent with diaper rash. The anal area appears to be normal. There are no scars or irregularities and certainly no acute lesions. The labia appeared to be normal with no scars noted. No changes. Her hymenal ring is small and intact and there are no lesions or scars noted in the vestibula area.

A: While physical examination certainly does not exclude more subtle forms of sexual abuse, at least it is reassuring that more overt forms are not going on. From the historical evidence, while I understand the family's concerns and certainly they are very concerned about this child to make sure that nothing happens to her. I suspect that at least at this point in time we do not have the evidence to support allegations of sexual abuse.

P: Certainly these children need to be followed carefully and watched.

HQR (Doctor One)


April 27, 1999

Citation from the report on (Alleged Victim)'s April 26, 1999 physical examination at ******* ********** Medical Center

PHYSICAL EXAMINATION: Vital signs were the following: Blood pressure was 108/64, temperature 38.2, in the left ear and it was checked twice. Pulse 112, respiration 20. Her height was 109.5 cm which places her above the 10th percentile. Her weight was 20 kg which places her in the 50th percentile. Head, eyes, ears, nose, throat and neck were within normal limits. The chest was clear. Heart was regular without murmur. The abdomen was soft, no organomegaly noted. Extremities and spine were within normal limits. An anogenital exam was performed with the use of a colposcope with ***** ******** R.N. assisting. Tanner Staging of the breasts and genitalia were I. Inguinal adenopathy was negative. Medial aspects of the thighs were normal. The perineum was normal. There was no vulvovaginal or urethral discharge. No condyloma acuminata. The labia majora and labia minora appeared to be normal. The hymen was slightly rolled outward and the integrity of the hymen was verified with an applicator and was free of any disruptions. The fossa navicularis and posterior fourchette were both unremarkable. The anal exam revealed that the buttocks were normal. The perianal skin was normal. The anal folds and rugae were symmetrical. The anal tone was good, there was no anal spasm or laxity noted. There was a midline rectal tag at 12 o'clock.


LABORATORY ASSESSMENT: A combined vaginal and rectal gonorrhea culture was obtained and both vaginal and rectal chlamydia cultures were obtained.


ASSESSMENT: The anogenital findings were unremarkable. It is important to note that a normal examination does not rule out the possibility of sexual abuse as the tissue may heal or not be injured in many cases of inappropriate sexual contact.


RECOMMENDATIONS: It was discussed with the father to assume that all the laboratory tests are normal unless he is contacted. He was advised that a copy of the report would be sent to those investigating the case. He was also advised that this child needs to receive counseling due to the allegations of abuse. He was further advised to provide a safe environment for this child.


Nosocomial child abuse in the name of child protection is a direct product of the malicious intent of political extremists and sociopathic indifference of white collar criminals united by their overlapping interests in exploiting the child protection system.

Another sophisticated logical fallacy, of the bifurcated variety combined with appeal to fear, is at the heart of this aspect of the child protection system. The logical fallacy can be summarized as, "Child abuse allegations, even false allegations, must not be questioned or children really being abused will go undetected because adults will be afraid to report child abuse." This purported reasoning is a bifurcated fallacy because it ignores or conceals the abuse and molestation of children by individuals operating within the child protection system. Suggestions of this logical fallacy are evident in the more crudely stated slogan, "If we must err, we must err on the side of the child."

One policy priority resulting from this bifurcated fallacy is "unmolested children should be subjected to the nosocomial molestation of a genital examination rather than inconvenience adults by determining if they are falsely reporting child abuse." Laws have been enacted applying this policy by protecting anyone filing a child abuse allegation from civil liability for the consequences of making a false allegation. A child protection system that protects children from nosocomial abuse and molestation would first apply any invasions of privacy to adults involved. Although inadmissible as evidence, conducting immediate polygraph examinations of both accuser and accused could effectively reduce false allegations and nosocomial molestation of children by providing preliminary evidence upon which to base an informed decision about the need to conduct a genital examination on an alleged victim. In cases where abuse or molestation is not manifestly evident, not supported by an eyewitness, or not made in sufficient time for application of a rape evidence kit, questioning adults under conditions which might reveal deceit seems more reasonable than placing the burden and trauma of mistakes on children.

Nosocomial abuse also occurs when children are brainwashed by child abuse investigators to falsely state that abuse or molestation occurred when it did not. Other forms of nosocomial abuse have been intentionally built into the child abuse investigation process.


Sorting wheat from chaff

It is possible to distinguish law enforcement officers participating in the criminal child exploitation process from honest child abuse investigators. The following brief citations provide examples of how a Captain questions the same alleged victim as an Investigator who incorporates brainwashing techniques into the questioning process.



Investigator One

(Alleged Victim One) Interview 1, page 5 line 19-24

(Investigator One): Okay. Well, you know if something else happened, some of the other boys may have already told you about it. But I need to hear it from you, okay?

(Alleged Victim One): [unintelligible]

(Investigator One): Did you hear about strange games that you all play. Can you tell me about that? [NOTE: "Strange games" is a prejudicial reference to standard card and board games some alleged victims reported playing with each other at the alleged perpetrator's residence.]


(Alleged Victim One) Interview 1, page 9 line 6-10

(Investigator One): Well, you don't have to be scared of me. You're not in trouble. But I need to know what happened so I can make it stop - to keep him from doing those things again. I need your help. Are you sure there s nothing else you want to tell me?

(Alleged Victim One): No.


(Alleged Victim two) Interview, page 3 line 17-21

(Investigator One): Well, everybody keeps saying that he, that some of the boys boxed naked? [NOTE: Fictitious event created by Investigator One and referred to in interviews with every alleged victim.]

(Alleged Victim two): No, I don't think so.

(Investigator One): But you never have?

(Alleged Victim two): Mm-mm.


(Alleged Victim two) Interview, page 9 line 3-5

(Investigator One): But he tried to show you some dirty magazines? [NOTE: Another fictitious event. The alleged perpetrator was purported to possess magazines containing photographs of naked boxers, but no such material was found during the search of his residence when arrested and statements made by the alleged victims conflicted on their existence, in some cases by the same alleged victim in subsequent interviews.]

(Alleged Victim two): He didn't try. He asked us if we wanted to look at some. Me and ***** said no.



(Alleged Victim One) Interview 2, page 1 line 13-17

(Captain): Okay. And you've been up to his apartment before? Okay. I already knew that. Now why don't you just kind of tell me what s kinda going on. What you know about the (Alleged Perpetrator) and what you know yourself, not really what any of your friends has told you or anything but what you know yourself from you going up there.


(Alleged Victim One) Interview 2, page 1 line 25-27

(Captain): Okay, not what she told you or anybody else, but what you know. Did you...have you talked to any of the other guys that you know of that had gone up there? Have you gone up there boxing before?


(Alleged Victim One) Interview 2, page 11 line 9-12

(Captain): Now in amongst talking with your friends and stuff, do you know anybody else, not what anybody else told you, but I m talking about you talking to one of your friends, has any one of your friends told you about anything that has happened to them?


(Alleged Victim One) Interview 2, page 11 line 27-page 12 line 14

(Captain): Alright, now, 'cause I m going to go back out here and I m going to talk to her. Now you do me a favor, okay? If there s anything else that you want to go ahead and talk about out there, I m there or maybe that you forgot about and want to tell me about, you go ahead and have your mamma get in touch with me and I ll meet you somewhere and we ll talk or something but don't be worried or scared if you need to talk to me about something. Go ahead and I ll be glad to listen. All we re trying to do up here is find out if anything is going on and if so, what is going on, you know. And I m not trying to trick you into telling me nothing. I m not trying to tell you something did happen if it didn't happen. I just want to make sure. I want you to feel good about what we talked about and I don't want you to have to worry about telling me something, you know, because it, you think, might embarrass me or it might embarrass you or somebody would get you, one way or the other. Okay? So anytime at all that you need to, tell your mamma to call me and you want to talk to me for a minute.


There is a documentable difference between the conduct of honest child abuse investigators and the conduct of corrupt child abuse investigators who engage in the nosocomial abuse of children to achieve the joint goals of political extremists and white collar criminals who currently control the child protection system. Ask your children on a regular schedule what authority figures have talked to them and what they talked about. Parents may be surprised at the answers.


A quick inventory of more ugliness

Under the pretense of making children more comfortable, a system has been put in place that has the consequence of rewarding children who learn how to tell child abuse investigators what they want to hear. Occasionally, this involves ignoring evidence that parents or other interested parties may have promised rewards to children who report being abused or molested by a targeted individual.



August 18, 1998 interview of (Alleged Victim) by (Detective One) and (Caseworker One)

Page 2, lines 40-45

40-41 You can climb up there and you can hold one of those bears if you want to. Wanna hold one of those bears? ( (Detective One))

42 Uh-huh. (Alleged Victim/Victim)

43 Okay. You can if you want. ((Detective One))

44 And look, here's a skunk. (Caseworker One)

45 There's a skunk.


Page 5, April 19, 1999 (Alleged Victim) interview by (Detective two)

(Detective two): shorts okay, when (Alleged Perpetrator) touched your cookie and your bum, did he put his

(Alleged Victim): when we watching a movie.

(Detective two): you were watching a movie

(Alleged Victim): no, when

(Detective two): when are we going to watch a movie?

(Alleged Victim): yeah

(Detective two): oh I don't know, I don't know. Um let me ask you some more questions. Okay now when (Alleged Perpetrator) touched your cookie and your bum, did he put his hand, did he put his hands on top of your shorts, was his hands on the top of your shorts or was his hand under your shorts?


Page 12-13, April 19, 1999 interview of (Alleged Victim) by (Detective two)

(Detective two): oh okay, so um is there, are there any more secrets? Anymore secrets that you're not suppose to tell?

(Alleged Victim): nope

(Detective two): okay all right well should we go, go play, okay lets go play.

(Alleged Victim): are there some toys in there, lots of toys

(Detective two): yeah there's toys out here, yeah you know what, you and your brother can come over here and pick out a toy and you can keep it.

(Alleged Victim): I know I pick one of those

(Detective two): did ya

(Alleged Victim): I take

(Detective two): well take a look through here and see if there's one that you would like to keep. And we'll see if your grandma wants some,

(Alleged Victim): people keep one of these toys,

(Detective two): un-huh you pick one


During investigation interviews children may be taught through direct instructions and leading questions what they are expected to report.



Page 9, line 200-page 13, line 282 August 18, 1998 (Alleged Victim) interview by (Detective One) and (Caseworker One)

200 Do you know what secret touches are? (Detective One)

201 What? (Alleged Victim)

202-203 Well that's when like if somebody touches ya and they're not supposed to be touching ya. (Detective One)

204 Nope. (Alleged Victim)

205-206 Yeah. So what we wanna know from you today (Alleged Victim) is if anybody has ever touched your private places that wasn't supposed to. Has that ever happened to you? (Detective One)

207 (Alleged Victim)

. . . .

212 What about uh...any boys or anything? (Detective One)

213 Boys did it to it. (Alleged Victim)

. . .

219 Did you tell your mommy that, that somebody did it? (Detective One)

220 Somebody did. (Alleged Victim)

. . . .

227 (Alleged Perpetrator)? Okay. Did that really happen or was that just a made up thing. (Detective One)

228 That's the make up thing. (Alleged Victim)

229-230 It was a make up thing? Okay. You can look at me. Let me see those pretty eyes? (Detective One)

231 Uh-uh. (Alleged Victim)

232-233 Let me see what color they are again, I forgot. Are they pink? Oh, they're brown, that's the color, they're brown. They're pretty eyes. (Detective One)

234 You have a pretty smile. (Alleged Victim)

235 So (Alleged Victim)... (Detective One)

236 What? (Alleged Victim)

237 Uhm...So (Alleged Perpetrator), he didn't really touch you? (Detective One)

238 Uh my mom's husband touched me. (Alleged Victim)

239 Your mom's husband? What's your mom's husband's name. (Detective One)

240 Is (Alleged Perpetrator). (Alleged Victim)

241 Okay. (Detective One)

. . . .

247 Big (Alleged Perpetrator)? Okay. So was it just a made up thing or did it really happen? (Detective One)

248 It really happened. (Alleged Victim)

249 It did? Because just a minute ago, you said maybe it was a made up thing. (Detective One)

250 Well it just..It really happened. (Alleged Victim)

. . . .

268 But you know what (Alleged Victim)? (Detective One)

269 What? (Alleged Victim)

270 I need to know a little bit about what happened, okay. (Detective One)

271 Okay. (Alleged Victim)

272 [']Cause I need to find out so I need your help on that okay. (Detective One)

273 Yeah. (Alleged Victim)

. . . .


Page 13, line 290-page 15, line 331 August 18, 1998 (Alleged Victim) interview by (Detective One) and (Caseworker One)

. . . .

292 Okay. Were you on the floor, on the bed or where were you at in there? (Detective One)

293 On the bed. (Alleged Victim)

294-295 You were on the bed? Okay. So do you remember what kind of a touch it was? (Detective One)

296 No. (Alleged Victim)

297 I'll show you what I mean cause there's different kinds of touches huh? (Detective One)

298 (No audible response). (Alleged Victim)

299-302 Like you can punch somebody (smacking sound), you can poke'em, you can rub'em like that (soft rubbing sound), you can tickle'em, you can pinch'em, you can slap'em, you can flip'em. There's a whole bunch huh? What kind of touch did (Alleged Perpetrator) do on you, that's what I need to know. (Detective One)

303 I don't know. (Alleged Victim)

304 Can you show me how he did it? (Detective One)

305 Uh-uh. (Alleged Victim)

306 What did he touch you with? (Detective One)

307 With his finger. (Alleged Victim)

308 With his finger? Okay. So he touched your cookie with his finger? (Detective One)

309 (No audible response). (Alleged Victim)

310 What kind of a touch was it? (Detective One)

311 (No verbal response). (Alleged Victim)

312 Okay. That's his finger like that, right? (Detective One)

313 Uh-huh. (Alleged Victim)

314-315 So what did he do? If this is your cookie and this is his finger, what did he do, can you show me? (Detective One)

316 (No verbal response). (Alleged Victim)

317-318 Did he just like...remember all the touches I showed ya, there's pokes and there's rubs like that and you can flip... (Detective One)

319 Well he touched me like this. (Alleged Victim)

320 Like a poke? (Detective One)

321 (Inaudible). (Alleged Victim)

322 Okay. And did he say anything to you when that happened? (Detective One)


Page 21, line 460-page 23 line 498, August 18, 1998 (Alleged Victim) interview by (Detective One) and (Caseworker One)

. . . .

462 has your dad ever told you to tell us about (Alleged Perpetrator)? (Detective One)

463 Yes. (Alleged Victim)

464 What did he say to ya, what did your dad say to ya? (Detective One)

465 He didn't say...he... I don't know what he said. (Alleged Victim)

466 Did he tell you that he wanted you to tell us about (Alleged Perpetrator)? (Detective One)

467 He didn't say that. (Alleged Victim)

468 He didn't? (Detective One)

469 No. (Alleged Victim)

470 Okay. (Detective One)

471 Oh, her did. (Alleged Victim)

472 What did she say? (Detective One)

473 Her said tell you guys. (Alleged Victim)

474 Tell us what? (Detective One)

475 About (Alleged Perpetrator) touching my cookie. (Alleged Victim)

476 Oh, okay. She told you that? (Detective One)

477 Uh-huh. (Alleged Victim)

. . . .


Page 23, line 512-page 24, line 522, August 18, 1998 (Alleged Victim) interview by (Detective One) and (Caseworker One)

. . . .

514 Okay. What do you think about (Alleged Perpetrator)? (Detective One)

515 I don't know. (Alleged Victim)

516 Do you like him? (Detective One)

517 No. (Alleged Victim)

518 You don't like him? (Detective One)

519 I don't like him no more. (Alleged Victim)

520 Uh-huh. How come your don't like him no more? (Detective One)

521 Because he touched my cookie. (Alleged Victim)

522 Okay. Alright. (Alleged Victim)


The examples used above and in the previous article are not a comprehensive demonstration of the range of techniques developed and used to manipulate and exploit children. A comprehensive evaluation and comparison of all transcripts, audio tapes, video tapes, witness interview summaries, police reports, medical records, child protection services files, mental health evaluations, social work evaluations, and other documents peculiar to specific cases may be several hundred pages in length and require weeks to complete.


Dealing with the problem in your state

The consequences of being accused of child abuse or molestation may be more destructive than being accused of murder. The transcripts and medical records cited in this and the previous article document how children are treated by child abuse investigators and physicians. The questions asked are all ugly. Involvement in a child abuse investigation is a life changing event for everyone. Even if a person is innocent and not prosecuted, having ugly questions asked about them changes their life and the lives of everyone who know them.

Think about it. You are falsely accused of abusing or molesting your own children and are fortunate enough to be assigned an investigator who is NOT participating in the political extremist/white collar criminal alliance.

You will be asked if you had sex with your children. Your children may be taken into State custody and placed in foster care. Your children will be asked if you had sex with them. Your spouse will be asked if you had sex with your children and they knew about it. Your neighbors will be asked if they ever observed you being violent with your children or engaging in strange behavior. Your co-workers may be asked what you discussed with them at work and social functions. Your bank, credit card, and telephone records may be subpoenaed to determine what you have purchased and where you have telephoned. Your home computer, work computer and floppy disks may be seized and examined for child pornography. The fact that you are being investigated may be reported in the local and national media.

Ultimately, you may be informed by the investigator that the County Prosecutor has declined to prosecute you. There is no declaration that you are innocent. There is no apology. How do you undo the consequences of all the ugly questions asked about you? How do you repair the disruption of your family? How do you recover the financial losses incurred from attorney costs, therapists, expert witnesses, charges from the State for placing your children in foster care (that's right, you might have to pay for the privilege on not being allowed to see your children), temporary housing, bail, and temporary or permanent loss of employment?

Now, think about the consequences if the investigator assigned your case is one depicted in these transcript citations.

When your children are asked if you had sex with them, they will be subjected to brainwashing techniques to obtain false statements from them. Your children may be told that you are sick and can only receive help if they say that you molested them. They will be told that siblings or other children have already admitted you molested them and the investigator will ask your child for help in putting you away to protect siblings and other children from future molestation at your hands. Your children may be threatened with incarceration, medication, or removal from home if they refuse to implicate you in acts of abuse or molestation.

The investigator will create fictitious accounts of molestation attributed to you and ask everyone interviewed to confirm of deny if they have knowledge of those fictitious events. Even if you are innocent, the fictitious events will spread through the gossip network and the entire community will be aroused against you. All adults and children interviewed will be informed that you need to be removed from the community and their help will be solicited. Your wife will be informed that she must testify you molested your children or they will be taken away and neither of you will ever see them again. You will be told that if you do not admit to child molestation your children will be taken away from your wife and she will be prosecuted for failing to protect your children from you.

As documented in this series, the conditional federal funding mechanism has resulted in a child protection system structured to constantly increase the number of children investigated and taken into State custody. There is no off switch. If every individual in the United States were to be investigated and all child molesters identified, convicted and removed from society, State child protection agencies could only continue in business if more children were taken into protective custody.

Nothing currently exists that will protect any family anywhere from becoming a casualty of this corrupt system, not even innocence. The only remedy is prevention. The only prevention is to remove the allied political extremists and white collar criminals from positions of authority they currently occupy.


Copyright March 8, 2001 by James Roger Brown. All rights reserved.



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