James Roger Brown


You cannot make a revolution with silk gloves.  (Joseph Stalin,


A single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic.  (Joseph Stalin,


            Throughout this series on organized criminal exploitation of children, always keep in mind that it is the consequence and tool of an alliance of political extremists and white collar criminals working in and through government agencies and programs.

            In addition to the logical fallacies used to construct the junk science of participating mental health and social work practitioners, other sophisticated techniques have been developed and used to take children into State custody and destroy their families.  Child abuse investigators participating in this destructive enterprise must have available reliable techniques to falsify evidence, falsify reports, manipulate witnesses, coerce false confessions from accused individuals, and obtain false testimony from alleged victims.

            It must take a cold blooded, ruthless individual to knowingly commit these acts upon innocent people who have never personally wronged them, especially children.  While the ideology of the political extremists involved is of the supremacist rather than communist persuasion, they share with communists the attitudes expressed by Joseph Stalin.

            These extremists, and their knowing allies, have been successful at concealing their efforts, in part, because it is difficult for people with some semblance of a traditional life to comprehend how such an enterprise could be destroying people all around them without their knowledge.  Few people understand the consequences of the wall of secrecy around the alleged child protection system, including juvenile court, and the use of gag orders by Judges knowingly participating.

            A partial list of techniques developed by these political extremists and criminals to obtain false statements from children include the following:

1. Children may be told that one or both parents are sick and for the parent(s) to receive medical treatment the child must falsely state that their parent(s) abused or molested them.

2. A child may be told that other children interviewed have said the accused touched them in a bad way and their supporting statement is needed to help the other children.

3. If the child's teacher, or someone else for whom the child may have affection, is the target, the child may be told the teacher is sick and for them to get help, the child must say that they were molested by the individual.

4. A child may be told that if they do not admit to being molested by the target, other children will be molested by him in the future.

5. A child may be threatened with incarceration or prosecution if they continue to deny they were molested or abused.

6. A child may be placed on medication as punishment for continuing to deny they were molested or abused.

7. Children may be deprived of food and sleep until they enter a semi-hypnotic state in which they become susceptible to influence and programming.  (This can be accomplished in as little as five to eight hours.)

            The simple methods used to extract false statements from children exploit emotional attachments, fears and the desire to please adults.  The more complex methods involve programming and brainwashing techniques, frequently acquired from military training and experience.  Use of the United States Armed Forces by political extremists to obtain free training is not the exclusive domain of White Supremacists, militia members, and middle eastern terrorists.  Political extremists intent on exploiting the child protection system have also learned this trick.




A lie told often enough becomes truth.  Lenin (Vladimir Ulyanov)


            Among the expert services provided by the Author is an instrument developed to test the hypothesis that there is no difference between the characteristics of a specific case and the know characteristics of a false child abuse allegation.  The protocol for applying the instrument requires documentary evidence, such as video tapes, audio tapes, or written documents.  The following examples of techniques used to obtain false statements and testimony from children are taken from cases in which the Author was consulted and demonstrate specific characteristics of false allegations. 

            The first lengthy citation documents techniques used to transform a child who says that no abuse or molestation occurred, into a child who not only says abuse or molestation did occur, but can provide details consistent with what the child abuse investigator wants to hear.  Notes inserted into the transcript, describe each step in the process used on this child.  The names have been removed and replaced with italicized descriptors to conceal identities.



 Page 9, line 200-page 13, line 282 August 18, 1998 Alleged Victim interview by Detective One and Social Worker One


[NOTE: Detective One introduces Alleged Victim to the concept of "secret touches".]

200            Do you know what secret touches are? (Detective One)

201            What? (Alleged Victim)

202-203            Well that's when like if somebody touches ya and they're not supposed to be touching ya. (Detective One)

204            Nope. (Alleged Victim)

205-206            Yeah. So what we wanna know from you today Alleged Victim is if anybody has ever touched your private places that wasn't supposed to. Has that ever happened to you? (Detective One)


[NOTE: Detective One begins losing control of the situation.  Alleged Victim denies ever being the victim of "secret touches".]

207   (Alleged Victim)

208            No? Has anybody ever touch [sic] your cookie? (Detective One)

209            No. (Alleged Victim)

210            That wasn't supposed to? (Detective One)

211            No. (Alleged Victim)

212            What about uh...any boys or anything? (Detective One)


[NOTE: Alleged Victim unsuccessfully attempts to provide an acceptable response without naming anyone specific.]

213            Boys did it to it. (Alleged Victim)

214            Who did it? (Detective One)

215            Nobody (Alleged Victim)


[NOTE: Detective One attempts to regain control of Alleged Victim by trying to evoke positive feelings toward herself.]

216-217            Nobody? Wow! You're lucky. So have you told somebody that somebody touched your cookie? (Detective One)

218            No. I didn't. (Alleged Victim)


[NOTE: Alleged Victim makes another attempt to provide a response that will be accepted by Detective One without naming a specific individual.]

219            Did you tell your mommy that, that somebody did it? (Detective One)

220            Somebody did. (Alleged Victim)

221            Huh? (Detective One)

222            I told mommy. (Alleged Victim)

223            You told your mommy that somebody did? (Detective One)

224            Uh-huh. (Alleged Victim)


[NOTE: Detective One persists and Alleged Victim provides the name wanted.]

225            Who did you tell her did that? (Detective One)

226            Alleged Perpetrator. (Alleged Victim)


[NOTE: Detective One communicates to Alleged Victim that Alleged Perpetrator's name is acceptable and tests to see if Alleged Victim has accepted Alleged Perpetrator touching her "cookie" as a real event.]

227            Alleged Perpetrator? Okay. Did that really happen or was that just a made up thing. (Detective One)


[NOTE: Alleged Victim recognizes that Alleged Perpetrator touching her "cookie" is a fictitious event.  Detective One smoothly transitions to evoking stronger positive emotions by coercing Alleged Victim to reestablish eye contact and uses flattery on her by complimenting her eyes.  Alleged Victim initially verbally resists. ]

228            That's the make up thing. (Alleged Victim)

229-230            It was a make up thing? Okay. You can look at me. Let me see those pretty eyes? (Detective One)

231            Uh-uh. (Alleged Victim)

232-233            Let me see what color they are again, I forgot. Are they pink? Oh, they're brown, that's the color, they're brown. They're pretty eyes. (Detective One)

234            You have a pretty smile. (Alleged Victim)


[NOTE: Detective One regains control of Alleged Victim's responses and retests to see if Alleged Victim has accepted Alleged Perpetrator touching her "cookie" as a real event..]

235            So Alleged Victim... (Detective One)

236            What? (Alleged Victim)

237            Uhm...So Alleged Perpetrator, he didn't really touch you? (Detective One)

238            Uh my mom's husband touched me. (Alleged Victim)

239            Your mom's husband? What's your mom's husband's name. (Detective One)

240            Is Alleged Perpetrator. (Alleged Victim)

241            Okay. (Detective One)


[NOTE: Alleged Victim makes a weaker attempt at resistance by stating that there are two ******s.  Detective One again regains control by getting Alleged Victim to name "Alleged Perpetrator" as the perpetrator.]

242            There's two ******s, little ******...two ******s. Alleged Perpetrator, little ******. (Alleged Victim)

243            Alleged Perpetrator and little ******? (Detective One)

244            Uh-huh. (Alleged Victim)

245            So which one touched you? (Detective One)

246            Alleged Perpetrator. (Alleged Victim)


[NOTE: Detective One tests Alleged Victim twice to determine if she has accepted Alleged Perpetrator touching her "cookie" as a real event.  Alleged Victim has accepted it as a real event and begins giving consistent answers.] 

247            Alleged Perpetrator? Okay. So was it just a made up thing or did it really happen? (Detective One)

248            It really happened. (Alleged Victim)

249            It did? Because just a minute ago, you said maybe it was a made up thing. (Detective One)


[NOTE: Alleged Victim makes another weak attempt at resistance.]

250            Well it just..It really happened. (Alleged Victim)

251            Where did this happen at, can you tell me that? (Detective One)

252            At the old [']partment*. (Alleged Victim)

253-254            The old apartment? Okay. where was you [sic] mommy when this happened? (Detective One)

255            Uh her was the store and Alleged Perpetrator touched me. (Alleged Victim)

256            What did he do, can you tell me, can you tell me about it? (Detective One)

257            Huh-uh. (Alleged Victim)

258            Where did he touch you. (Detective One)

259            In my cookie. (Alleged Victim)


[NOTE: Detective One now acts to erase any remorse or guilt Alleged Victim might feel about naming Alleged Perpetrator as the perpetrator and communicates that she feels positively toward Alleged Victim.  Detective One draws Social Worker One into the approval by name.]

260            In your cookie? Okay. Alright. Now you know you're not in trouble, right? (Detective One)

261            No. (Alleged Victim)

262            Okay. You're not in trouble at all, okay. (Detective One)

263            Okay. (Alleged Victim)

264            And I'm not mad at you and Social Worker One's not mad at you okay?

265            Nope. (Social Worker One)


[NOTE: This approval by Detective One and Social Worker One is generalized to everyone.  Alleged Victim indicates she has accepted it.]

266            Nobody's mad at you. (Detective One)

267            Okay. (Alleged Victim)


[NOTE: Detective One now converts Alleged Victim's positive emotion and acceptance, reminding Alleged Victim that her help is needed to obtain more "details" about Alleged Perpetrator touching her "cookie".  Alleged Victim is well along the way to being trained to lie and suppress remorse or guilt.]

268            But you know what Alleged Victim? (Detective One)

269            What? (Alleged Victim)

270            I need to know a little bit about what happened, okay. (Detective One)

271            Okay. (Alleged Victim)

272            [']Cause I need to find out so I need your help on that okay. (Detective One)

273            Yeah. (Alleged Victim)

274            Okay. (Detective One)

275            Okay. (Alleged Victim)

276-277            So you said it happened in the old apartment, what room were you guys in? (Detective One)

278            In Alleged Perpetrator's bedroom. (Alleged Victim)

279            Alleged Perpetrator's bedroom? (Detective One)

280            And Brother was in his bedroom. (Alleged Victim)

281            Okay. (Detective One)

282            And Alleged Perpetrator was touching my cookie. (Alleged Victim)

283            So you were in's see, Alleged Perpetrator's bedroom, right? (Detective One)

284            Yeah. (Alleged Victim)


[NOTE: Detective One resumes instructing Alleged Victim about good and bad touches.  Detective One further conditions and shapes Alleged Victim on providing answers consistent with Alleged Perpetrator touching Alleged Victim's "cookie".  There are several good examples of leading questions.]


Page 13, line 290-page 15, line 331 August 18, 1998 Alleged Victim interview by Detective One and Social Worker One

290            That's Alleged Perpetrator's bedroom? (Detective One)

291            Uh-huh. (Alleged Victim)

292            Okay. Were you on the floor, on the bed or where were you at in there? (Detective One)

293            On the bed. (Alleged Victim)

294-295            You were on the bed? Okay. So do you remember what kind of a touch it was? (Detective One)

296            No. (Alleged Victim)

297            I'll show you what I mean cause there's different kinds of touches huh? (Detective One)

298            (No audible response). (Alleged Victim)

299-302            Like you can punch somebody (smacking sound), you can poke'em, you can rub'em like that (soft rubbing sound), you can tickle'em, you can pinch'em, you can slap'em, you can flip'em. There's a whole bunch huh? What kind of touch did Alleged Perpetrator do on you, that's what I need to know. (Detective One)

303            I don't know. (Alleged Victim)

304            Can you show me how he did it? (Detective One)

305            Uh-uh. (Alleged Victim)

306            What did he touch you with? (Detective One)

307            With his finger. (Alleged Victim)

308            With his finger? Okay. So he touched your cookie with his finger? (Detective One)

309            (No audible response). (Alleged Victim)

310            What kind of a touch was it? (Detective One)

311            (No verbal response). (Alleged Victim)

312            Okay. That's his finger like that, right? (Detective One)

313            Uh-huh. (Alleged Victim)

314-315            So what did he do? If this is your cookie and this is his finger, what did he do, can you show me? (Detective One)

316            (No verbal response). (Alleged Victim)

317-318            Did he just like...remember all the touches I showed ya, there's pokes and there's rubs like that and you can flip... (Detective One)

319            Well he touched me like this. (Alleged Victim)

320            Like a poke? (Detective One)

321            (Inaudible). (Alleged Victim)

322            Okay. And did he say anything to you when that happened? (Detective One)

323            No, he didn't say nothing. (Alleged Victim)

324            Okay. Alleged Victim, why do you think he touched you, what was he doing. (Detective One)

325            Just because. (Alleged Victim)

326            did he say anything to ya?(Detective One)

327   (Alleged Victim)

328            He didn't? (Detective One)

329            No. (Alleged Victim)

330            Did he touch you with anything else? (Detective One)

331            Uh he didn't. He...he just touched me. (Alleged Victim)


[NOTE: Detective One again communicates that she needs Alleged Victim's help.  Detective One tests Alleged Victim again to determine if she has accepted Alleged Perpetrator touching her "cookie" as real.  Detective One has to reestablish eye contact to ensure she has control of the situation.  Detective One proceeds to get Alleged Victim to elaborate on the reality she has accepted.  Detective One has moved Alleged Victim from denying that anyone touched her "cookie" to accepting that Alleged Perpetrator touched it and Alleged Victim can now reliably provide supporting "details".]


Page 15, line 334-page 19 line 410, August 18, 1998 Alleged Victim interview by Detective One and Social Worker One

334-335            No. Okay. And so now what I need you to do Alleged Victim okay...Look at me for just a second, I need to make sure... Remember when we talked about the cookie jar? (Detective One)

336            Uh-huh. (Alleged Victim)

337-338            And there's telling the truth and telling a lie huh? And you know what telling a lie is, don't ya? (Detective One)

339            (No verbal response). (Alleged Victim)

340            That's not... (Detective One)

341            No.  (Alleged Victim)

342            We only tell what happened huh? (Detective One)

343            Uh-huh. (Alleged Victim)

344-345            So what I wanna make sure, now...are you telling me the...what really happened, the truth that Alleged Perpetrator touched you? (Detective One)

346            He really touched me. (Alleged Victim)

347            He really touched you? Okay. Did you tell anybody about that? (Detective One)

348            No. (Alleged Victim)

349            How come? (Detective One)

350            Only I tell my mom. (Alleged Victim)

351            You told your mom? (Detective One)

352            Yep. (Alleged Victim)

353            Okay. did Alleged Perpetrator tell you not to tell? (Detective One)

354            He said...he told me "Don't tell nobody" and I did. (Alleged Victim)

355            And you did? (Detective One)

356            Yeah because all wanted... I wanted to tell somebody. (Alleged Victim)

357            Yeah. (Detective One)

358            Because all one...I wanna do it like he said. (Alleged Victim)

359            You don't wanna do it like he said? (Detective One)

360            Yeah. (Alleged Victim)

361            Okay. How did he say to do it? (Detective One)

362            Uhm..."Don't say it." (Alleged Victim)

363-364            Don't tell anybody? Okay. So how many times did he touch you with his finger? (Detective One)

365            Rub it in. (Alleged Victim)

366            He what? I can't hear you honey. (Detective One)

367            Rub it in I said. (Alleged Victim)

368            He rubbed it in? (Detective One)

369            (No verbal response). (Alleged Victim)

370            Okay. So can you tell me how his clothes were when he was doing that? (Detective One)

371            He had his clothes on. (Alleged Victim)

372            He had'em on? Okay. What about your clothes? (Detective One)

373            I had my clothes on too. (Alleged Victim)

374-375            You did? So...if I do uhm ... let's see... how did... Did he touch you on top of your clothes or underneath your clothes? (Detective One)

376            Underneath my clothes? (Alleged Victim)

377            Okay. What kind of pants did you have on, do you remember? (Detective One)

378            Uhm...I don't know. (Alleged Victim)

379            Okay. If you don't remember, that's okay. (Detective One)

380            I don't know what I was wearing. (Alleged Victim)

381            Okay. How did he did he get his finger under your clothes? (Detective One)

382            Uhm...I don't know. (Alleged Victim)

383            Don't remember? (Detective One)

384            Don't remember. (Alleged Victim)

385            Okay. So but he touched you under your clothes though? (Detective One)

386            (No verbal response). (Alleged Victim)

387            What about... Did you have underwear on? (Detective One)

388            Yeah. (Alleged Victim)

389-390            Okay. did he touch you on top of your underwear or underneath your underwear? (Detective One)

391            Underneath my underwear. (Alleged Victim)

392            Okay. Alright. Did you say anything to him? (Detective One)

393            No I didn't. (Alleged Victim)

394-395            Okay. What did you...what... How did it make you feel when he did that to ya? (Detective One)

396            I feeled* bad. (Alleged Victim)

397            You feel bad? Okay. How else did you feel? (Detective One)

398            Nothing. (Alleged Victim)

399            Were you scared? (Detective One)

400            (No verbal response). (Alleged Victim)

401            Were ya? Okay. What were you scared of Alleged Victim? (Detective One)

402            I was scared, that's scary. (Alleged Victim)

403            Uh-huh. Okay. Is there anything else that Alleged Perpetrator's done to ya? (Detective One)

404            Alleged Perpetrator's done...touched me. (Alleged Victim)

405            Okay. (Detective One)

406            And then he didn't tell my mom. (Alleged Victim)

407            Uh-huh. (Detective One)

408            And...and I went and I told my mom at grandpa's house. (Alleged Victim)

409            Uh-huh. (Detective One)

410            And I told her. (Alleged Victim)


[NOTE: The divorced Father had a history of filing child abuse allegations against every boyfriend of the custodial Mother and against Maternal relatives.  By age three, the Alleged Victim had undergone two and possibly three comprehensive genital physical examinations resulting from molestation allegations filed by the Father.  None of the physical examinations found evidence of molestation.]

Page 21, line 460-page 23 line 498, August 18, 1998 Alleged Victim interview by Detective One and Social Worker One

460               Okay. Alleged Victim did your dad tell you anything to tell us?(Detective One)

461            Uhm...he didn't. (Alleged Victim)

462            has your dad ever told you to tell us about Alleged Perpetrator? (Detective One)

463            Yes. (Alleged Victim)

464            What did he say to ya, what did your dad say to ya? (Detective One)

465            He didn't say...he... I don't know what he said. (Alleged Victim)

466            Did he tell you that he wanted you to tell us about Alleged Perpetrator? (Detective One)

467            He didn't say that. (Alleged Victim)

468            He didn't? (Detective One)

469            No. (Alleged Victim)

470            Okay. (Detective One)

471            Oh, her did. (Alleged Victim)

472            What did she say? (Detective One)

473            Her said tell you guys. (Alleged Victim)

474            Tell us what? (Detective One)

475            About Alleged Perpetrator touching my cookie. (Alleged Victim)

476            Oh, okay. She told you that? (Detective One)

477            Uh-huh. (Alleged Victim)

478            Did she tell you that today or another day? (Detective One)

479            Another day. (Alleged Victim)


[NOTE: Detective One conducts another test of Alleged Victim's acceptance and commitment to the constructed reality and ties it to benefiting Alleged Perpetrator.  If Alleged Victim has positive feelings remaining, she can believe that Alleged Perpetrator will benefit from the constructed reality.]

480-481            Okay. Alright. so I'm just gonna make sure Alleged Victim, you're telling us the truth today? (Detective One)

482            Uh-huh. (Alleged Victim)

483            The real truth, what rally happened? (Detective One)

484            Uh-huh. (Alleged Victim)

485            [']Cause we don't want anybody to get in trouble if they didn't do anything, do we? (Detective One)

486            Okay. (Alleged Victim)

487-488            [']Cause we don't want anybody to get in trouble if they didn't do anything, do we? (Detective One)

489            No. (Alleged Victim)

490            No. But if somebody did something, then we wanna help'em, don't we? (Detective One)

491            Uh-huh. (Alleged Victim)

492            Okay. So are you telling us what really happened? (Detective One)

493            (No verbal response). (Alleged Victim)

494            You're not making it up? (Detective One)

495            Nope. (Alleged Victim)

496-497            Okay. Alright. Do you have some other questions, I'm sure I missed something. (Detective One)

498            Uhm...(inaudible)...think we're fine. (Social Worker One)


[NOTE: Detective One previously communicated to Alleged Victim that Doctor touches were good touches.  Despite undergoing at least two vaginal exams by Doctors before this interview, Alleged Victim reports in the following exchange that no one else has touched her in a bad way.  Doctor One reported in his Progress Notes on the second examination he conducted that Alleged Victim resisted the examination.]


Page 23, line 512-page 24, line 522, August 18, 1998 Alleged Victim interview by Detective One and Social Worker One

512            Okay. Alright. Has anybody else ever done anything like this to ya? (Detective One)

513            No. (Alleged Victim)


[NOTE: Alleged Victim provides the "I don't know" answer Detective One communicated for Alleged Victim to use when she could not anticipate the desired response.  Detective One again narrows the possible responses for Alleged Victim and Alleged Victim indicates she does not like Alleged Perpetrator.  Detective One communicates her approval of the response.]

514            Okay. What do you think about Alleged Perpetrator? (Detective One)

515            I don't know. (Alleged Victim)

516            Do you like him? (Detective One)

517            No. (Alleged Victim)

518            You don't like him? (Detective One)

519            I don't like him no more. (Alleged Victim)

520            Uh-huh. How come you don't like him no more? (Detective One)

521            Because he touched my cookie. (Alleged Victim)

522            Okay. Alright. (Alleged Victim)


[NOTE: Alleged Victim is given a reward immediately after complying with the desires of Detective One.  If this were a POW or military criminal in custody who had been questioned, they would have been offered cigarettes, food or another reward.]

Page 26, line 571-574, August 18, 1998 Alleged Victim interview by Detective One and Social Worker One

571            You sure did a good job Alleged Victim and I really appreciate ya talking to us, okay. (Detective One)

572            Okay. (Alleged Victim)

573-574            So we can go out now and you can play with the toys and we'll talk to your mom, okay. (Detective One)


[NOTE: Alleged Victim answers questions about Alleged Perpetrator touching her "cookie" with the conditioned responses created by Detective One during the 1998 interview.  New details are added.]


Page 2-5, April 19, 1999 Alleged Victim interview by Detective Two

Detective Two:            your cookie, where's your cookie at? Right here, okay. And we talked about good touch's and bad touch's, right. And you told me that if your mom gives you a hug, then what kind of a touch was it.

Alleged Victim:            why people have things on right there shirt.

Detective Two:            um so they don't bother us, so people outside don't bother us. Okay now if your mom gives you a hug will that be a good touch or a bad touch? If your mommy gives you a hug.

Alleged Victim:            good touch

Detective Two:            okay and if somebody punch's you, is that a good touch or a bad touch?

Alleged Victim:            bad touch

Detective Two:            okay and if somebody touch's your private parts, is that a good touch or a bad touch?

Alleged Victim:            bad touch

Detective Two:            okay now has anyone ever touched your private parts? Has anyone ever given you a bad touch on your private part?

Alleged Victim:            only Alleged Perpetrator

Detective Two:            only Alleged Perpetrator, okay where did Alleged Perpetrator touch you? Right there, okay where

Alleged Victim:            and on my bum

Detective Two:            and your bum, how did he touch your bum?

Alleged Victim:            he just does it on top of my clothes

Detective Two:            hum, okay,

Alleged Victim:            he makes bubbles

Detective Two:            he what, okay so when Alleged Perpetrator touched your, where does Alleged Perpetrator touch you? Where did Alleged Perpetrator touch you?

Alleged Victim:            cookie and my bum

Detective Two:            your cookie and your bum, when Alleged Perpetrator touched your cookie and your bum, where were you? Where did it happen?

Alleged Victim:            in my mom's bedroom

Detective Two:            in your mom's bedroom, where was your mom when it happened?

Alleged Victim:            at work and my brother was at school

Detective Two:            okay when was the last time that he touched your cookie and your bum?

Alleged Victim:   and tomorrow, yesterday

Detective Two:            yesterday

Alleged Victim:            and today

Detective Two:            yesterday and today. okay what did Alleged Perpetrator touch your cookie with?

Alleged Victim:            with his finger

Detective Two:            with his finger,

Alleged Victim:            and then and then he does it the same thing, he does it to it, with his thumb and the bum.

Detective Two:            and the bum okay, when he did it yes, or today and yesterday what were you wearing? When he did that?

Alleged Victim:            um shorts


[NOTE: In contrast to the sophisticated techniques to recover control of Alleged Victim's responses used by Detective One, Detective Two uses the less sophisticated response of attempting to ignore unwanted responses.  Implied in this exchange is that Alleged Victim for some reason associated participating in the interview with watching a movie.  Detective Two makes no effort to determine if Alleged Victim has been promised a reward for participating in the interview.]


Detective Two:            shorts okay, when Alleged Perpetrator touched your cookie and your bum, did he put his

Alleged Victim:            when we watching a movie.

Detective Two:            you were watching a movie

Alleged Victim:            no, when

Detective Two:            when are we going to watch a movie?

Alleged Victim:            yeah

Detective Two:            oh I don't know, I don't know. Um let me ask you some more questions. Okay now when Alleged Perpetrator touched your cookie and your bum, did he put his hand, did he put his hands on top of your shorts, was his hands on the top of your shorts or was his hand under your shorts?

Alleged Victim:            What's this for?

Detective Two:            it's just to sit on,

Alleged Victim:            um a...

Detective Two:            was he touching your skin with his hand on your cookie or was he just touching your pants?

Alleged Victim:            my skin


[NOTE: Alleged Victim uses the "I don't know response" acquired from Detective One for use in situations when Alleged Victim cannot understand the response wanted, she then thinks of a possible answer that will be acceptable.]

Detective Two:            he was touching your skin, what was he doing when he was touching your cookie? What was he doing?

Alleged Victim:            I don't know

Detective Two:            you don't know? Okay

Alleged Victim:            he was putting his finger inside!!!!

Detective Two:            inside how do you know it was inside?

Alleged Victim:            I could just feel it.

Detective Two:            you could just feel it, okay what did it feel like?

Alleged Victim:            real hard


[NOTE: Detective Two ignores an unwanted response from Alleged Victim and again moves on.]


Page 5, April 19, 1999 Alleged Victim interview by Detective Two

Detective Two:            just on TV okay has anybody ever asked you to touch their private parts?

Alleged Victim:            no I don't

Detective Two:            no

Alleged Victim:            if they tell me to, I don't do it, I run to my house

Detective Two:            okay good, good um did you tell somebody that Alleged Perpetrator touched your private parts?


[NOTE: Alleged Victim expresses the negative attitude toward Alleged Perpetrator conditioned by Detective One during the 1998 interview.]


Page 5, April 19, 1999 Alleged Victim interview by Detective Two

Detective Two:            un-huh, okay do you like Alleged Perpetrator?

Alleged Victim:            uh-uh

Detective Two:            how come?

Alleged Victim:            because he touch's my private stuff.


[NOTE: Alleged Victim receives a toy to keep after participating in the interview.]


Page 12, April 19, 1999 interview of Alleged Victim by Detective Two

Detective Two:            okay all right well should we go, go play, okay lets go play.

Alleged Victim:            are there some toys in there, lots of toys

Detective Two:            yeah there's toys out here, yeah you know what, you and your brother can come over here and pick out a toy and you can keep it.

Alleged Victim:            I know I pick one of those

Detective Two:            did ya

Alleged Victim:            I take

Detective Two:            well take a look through here and see if there's one that you would like to keep. And we'll see if your grandma wants some,

                        Alleged Victim:            people keep one of these toys,

Detective Two:            un-huh you pick one


            To purportedly increase professionalism and more effectively utilize resources, several States have established child abuse investigation centers where all the professionals needed to conduct investigations work together with everything allegedly recorded.  One argument made for funding these centers is that fraud, corruption, and professional misconduct would be eliminated.  The transcript citations demonstrating advanced child manipulation skills above were made at one of these center.  With no criminal consequences for such conduct, it does not seem to matter to the knowing participants whether such acts are videotaped or not.

            States without specialized child abuse investigation centers have the same brainwashing techniques in use.  These organized crime management tools have been put in place nation-wide over the approximately twenty eight year time period since development of this system began.  The following transcript citations from another state demonstrate the emotional manipulation of asking for the child's help to protect other children, asking the child to help the investigator, and communicating that they are not in trouble if false statements are made, some of the same techniques documented in State One:



Alleged Victim One Interview 1, page 5 line 19-22

Investigator One: Okay.  Well, you know if something else happened, some of the other boys may have already told you about it.  But I need to hear it from you, okay?

Alleged Victim One: [unintelligible]


Alleged Victim One Interview 1, page 9 line 6-10

Investigator One: Well, you don't have to be scared of me.  You're not in trouble.  But I need to know what happened so I can make it stop - to keep him from doing those things again.  I need your help.  Are you sure there s nothing else you want to tell me?

Alleged Victim One: No.


Alleged Victim Two Interview 1, page 2 line 3-7

Investigator One:  Okay, let s start slowly.  I can tell You're real nervous.

Alleged Victim Two:  [Laughs]

Investigator One:  You don't have anything . . . you are not in trouble.  You didn't do anything wrong and do I make you uncomfortable?

Alleged Victim Two:  Yeah.


            These two cases were selected as examples because they have another important common element.  “Detective One” and “Investigator One” are viewed as models of success due to their high rates of finding "evidence" of child abuse and molestation.  They are both instructors who train child abuse investigators.

            A somewhat novel, although not unique, feature of the case from State Two is that the alleged perpetrator documented alibis for all of the dates and times specified in the original charges.  Upon being presented with this evidence, the Prosecutor assembled and reinterviewed all the alleged victims who changed their statements to report the alleged molestations occurred on dates they could not specify in a three month time period.  The alleged perpetrator's offer to submit to a polygraph examination was rejected, after initial acceptance by the Prosecutor.  The alleged perpetrator subsequently submitted to and passed a polygraph examination.


How can you prevent a child abuse investigator manipulating your child to lie?


May the forces of evil become confused on the way to your house.  George Carlin, http://www.cyber‑


            There are two proactive practical solutions that can be implemented.  For different reasons, both are ugly undertakings to contemplate.  One solution is to identify and remove all the political extremists and criminals knowingly or willingly participating in the criminal exploitation of children through the child protection, mental health, and social work systems.  The other solution is to train your child from birth how to identify and resist all the techniques that could be used by corrupt child abuse investigators to manipulate your child to lie and falsely implicate you in abuse or molestation.

            There is at least one possible passive solution, join George Carlin in his invocation that "evil become confused on the way to your house."


How to document the manipulation of children in your state

            Due to the wall of secrecy, it is virtually impossible to obtain transcripts, audio tape recordings or view video tape recordings of child abuse investigation interviews.  Child abuse investigation interviews, therapy or counseling sessions, and social work sessions are not subject to freedom of information act requests from the public.

            The only possible means of locating transcripts, would be searching case records maintained by the court clerk.  In some cases, such as the two used here in which the Author was a consultant, transcripts, audio and video tape copies can be obtained through discovery and become part of the record when submitted as evidence at trial.


Moving on

            The next installment in this series will continue documentation of the techniques used by child abuse investigators to falsify evidence, tamper with witnesses and obtain false confessions.


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