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Beware of altruism. It is based on self-deception, the root of all evil.  Excerpt from the notebooks of Lazarus Long, from Robert Heinlein's "Time Enough for Love" from Rand Lindly’s Quotes <>


When solving problems, dig at the roots instead of just hacking at the leaves.  Anthony J. D'Angelo, The College Blue Book.  Cole's Quotables <>


An ugly little scenario

            It is 1973.1  You have a problem.  You are frustrated by your inability to control how other people live their lives.  You are certain you have special knowledge or genes that make you superior to the ignorant masses.  You are one of the anointed, destined to move humanity into a glorious future.  If only the rabble were not too stupid to perceive your innate superiority.

            Unfortunately, the ungrateful ignorant masses would perceive what you want to do as the ravings of a lunatic and would not want to turn control of their lives over to you willingly.  How are you and the other anointed ones ever going to get control and do what has to be done?

            You discuss solving this problem with your fellow anointed ones in Psychology and Social Work degree programs.  You find there are many others who share your views that democracy was a mistake.  Psychologists and Social Workers, who know what is best because of their innate superiority, are the only people fit to be in control of government.  (The ideology that psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers should run the government is called psychocracy2.)

            You discover that your views about the inferiority of the masses have a long tradition in mental health.  You discover some amazing statements by Sigmund Freud that are inspirational for you:


“What is the use of Americans if they bring no money?...They are not good for anything else....America is useful for nothing else but to supply money....Is it not sad that we are materially dependent on those savages who are not better-class human beings.”  S. Freud, p.241, Freudian Fraud, E. Fuller Torrey, MD.


“In the depths of my heart I can’t help being convinced that my dear fellow men, with few exceptions, are worthless....I have found little that is ‘good’ about human beings on the whole. In my experience most of them are trash, no matter whether they publicly subscribe to this or that ethical doctrine or to none at all.”  S. Freud, p. 243-244, Freudian Fraud, E. Fuller Torrey, MD.


            With your world view that the masses are inferior and the anointed innately superior firmly validated, you and others set about building a system to finance and orchestrate destruction of the family, religion, democracy and other impediments to your plan to save humanity from itself.  The only viable course of action is the same one Hitler used, infiltrate government bureaucracies with allies and seize control by coup.  Just as Hitler did, you will have to create emergencies which what you need to achieve are the solution to.

            Since you can not openly pursue your goals, you must trick the great unwashed into cutting their own throats.  You must make alliances of convenience with other political extremists and economic interests.  You must make common cause with intellectual bar sweepings who are true believers in their outrageous claims, no matter what they are.  People who are so intense, their passions will persuade other people in the absence of any scientific proof of their claims.3

            Among other brilliant enterprises, witnesses go before Congressional Committees on Child Welfare and testify that a national and international network of Satanic Cults exists.  Witnesses describe operations to breed babies for human sacrifice, massive kidnapping networks to steal children for evil purposes, entire communities and churches of Satanists hiding the systematic and wholesale sexual abuse of children, tunnel systems are alleged to exist under daycare centers where children are molested and forced to participate in Satanic ceremonies.

            It was a minor inconvenience that a ten year FBI investigation found no evidence of such massive Satanic conspiracies to exploit and abuse children.4  By then you and your fellow anointed ones had the killing machine5 well under construction using conditional federal funding you had obtained as a result of the testimony from quack witnesses.  You were eventually so successful at integrating greed and personal aggrandizement to achieve your goals that grand jury investigations and comprehensive documentation of the atrocities being committed have failed to put a dent in the destructive machine.6

            After Congress enacted legislation establishing conditional federal funding programs to achieve your destructive goals, States had to get with your program if they wanted to receive the federal funding.  Over time, States were forced to enact legislation that included establishing a corps of mandated child abuse reporters who would be granted immunity for reporting anything, true or false, yet allowed them to be sued for failure to report anything that might possibly indicated child abuse.

            The legislation placed a long list of professionals in a position where they were afraid to use their own good judgment.  Children soon learned they suddenly had obtained power and could ruin the lives of adults, parents, teacher or anyone else, on whom they wanted to extract revenge for some offense, real or imagined.

            A Boolean search of United States Code at <> using the search term “condition and federal funds or condition and federal funding” identified 1,203 matches incorporated into United States Legal Code (condit 6078, feder: 12443, fund: 9409).  Conditional federal funding is a powerful and successful tool used in an increasing number of areas to establish public compliance with extremist and special interest agendas. 


A little example of the scenario meeting the legal road

            The end result of this intentional corruption of government is ugly.  The Ninth Circuit case United States of America v. Charles Bighead <> provides a convenient comprehensive example:


In rebuttal, the government offered the expert testimony of Tasha Boychuk, the director of forensic services at the Children's Advocacy Center. Although she was not a psychiatrist or psychologist, Boychuk testified about the general characteristics of child sexual abuse victims, specifically about the characteristics of "delayed disclosure" and "script memory." Boychuk based her opinions in part on interviews and observations of some 1200 children who had alleged sexual abuse.


On cross-examination, Boychuk admitted that she had no way of determining whether the subjects had actually been abused. Bighead was convicted. On appeal, he contended that the district court erred in admitting Boychuk's testimony because it lacked a foundation for expert opinion evidence and went beyond her own observations. Bighead asserted that the district court should have determined whether Boychuk's theories could be tested, were subjected to peer review and publication, and were generally accepted in the field. He also challenged the testimony as unhelpful to the jury and more prejudicial than probative.


[1] Tests for the admissibility of expert scientific testimony do not require exclusion of testimony that involves specialized knowledge rather than scientific theory. Boychuk's testimony consisted of her observations of typical characteristics drawn from years of experience interviewing purported victims of child abuse. It was not an abuse of discretion to permit it. She could have been, but was not, cross-examined about the nature and extent of her reliance on any other source.

[2] Boychuk testified only about a class of victims generally, not the particular testimony of the child victim in this case. Boychuk's testimony had significant probative value in that it rehabilitated (without vouching for) the victim's credibility after she was cross-examined about the reasons she delayed reporting and inconsistencies in her testimony. Boychuk's testimony went to disclosure for the purpose of assistance. The jury was free to determine whether the victim delayed disclosure or simply fabricated the incidents. Judge Noonan dissented, explaining his view that Boychuk's testimony was inadmissible because it was based on interviews and observations of children who claimed sexual abuse, but were not shown to have been actual victims of the offenses they reported.


            The full text of Judge Noonan’s dissenting opinion in this case is a “must read.”  It provides an excellent summary of the defective reasoning in this case which is consistent with systemic corruption behind similar cases that merely present a facade of justice.




“A man should not approach a cow that backs up to a tree stump.”  Bubba Ramdas*, revered country guru from Southern India.


            The enticement behind conditional federal funding is that your State will be paid if State legislation is enacted requiring State citizens to comply with the agenda of the special interest that obtained enactment of the authorizing federal legislation.  Local politicians love to hold news conferences announcing they have succeeded in obtaining federal funding and projecting the economic impact in terms of new jobs or programs.  Not covered at the press conference is the small print that turns one segment of the State population into a cash crop that has to be harvested.  It may seem to be a good deal, unless you are a member of the group being harvested.

            The ugliest of the federally funded citizen harvesting projects is the fraudulent child protection system.  Structural corruption in the child protection system will be the subject of the next article in this series.


Exploring Conditional Federal Funding Programs in Your State

1. Contact your State grant clearing house and ask to be placed on their mailing list for approved grant reports.  Receiving these regular reports will allow you to monitor who is receiving federal funds and for what purpose.  You should also be able to review grant applications that were declined at the grant clearing house.  The federally mandated purpose of the grant clearing house is to review and coordinate all grant applications originating within the State to eliminate redundant grant requests.

2. File an FOIA request to review all the contracts issued by the State agency you are interested in examining.  Look for contracts with service providers that process federal fund claims for the agency.  Look at how contractors are compensated.  Are they paid a flat fee for processing the federal fund claims or are they paid a commission on the increase in federal fund claims generated?


Important Websites for Government Research

            A possibly useful search term to begin exploring federal grant administration in your State is “intergovernmental services.”


1. FIRSTGOV: Your first click to the US Government



2. FINANCENET: Financial Management in Government











            Some suggested lines of research are to conduct searches using separately and together the name of your state and “intergovernmental services.”  The results of such searches are quite revealing about how the current family and citizen killing machine was constructed piece by piece over time by government officials and employees engaged in apparently innocuous decisions and actions as part of their governmental responsibilities.




            The on-line Congressional Record Archives are only available back to 1994.



*In case it is not obvious from the name, Bubba Ramdas is a fictional guru created in 1993 by James Roger Brown as a vehicle to introduce and use country style witticism, euphemisms, and allegories to communicate or emphasize specific insights.



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5After the extremists and organized criminal operations were well established, the truth began to creep out but the extremists and criminals have yet to be removed. See:


(2) Reason Public Policy Institute.  Policy Study No. 262, “Child Protection at the Crossroads: Child Abuse, Child Protection, and Recommendations for Reform,” By Susan Orr, Ph.D., October 1999 <>; and

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(b) Lifting the Veil: Examining the Child Welfare, Foster Care and Juvenile Justice Systems <>.  This site probably has the most comprehensive database of critical information documenting the problems rampant in the purported child protection system.  The following link will take you directly to STUDIES, SURVEYS, AND AUDITS


See especially the Grand Jury Reports section.


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