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            Militant Zionists and Militant Muslims are political mirror images.  Both are misomisbelieverists* (a hater of followers of a “false” religion).  Current attempts to declare either Jews or Palestinians “racist” for hating the other are fundamentally flawed; one must be of different races to legitimately claim race as a basis for hatred.  Despite how repugnant the reality may be to either of them, Jews and Palestinians are not from different races.  Different names for the same God, conflicts over holy sites, and conflicting claims to be “God’s chosen people” are the actual basis for hating each other, not race.  Both use derogatory dismissive labels for all nonbelievers.  To Muslims, practitioners of all other religions are infidels or giaour.  To Jews, practitioners of other religions are all goyim.  For those unfamiliar with the reasoning behind the negative connotations associated with “goyim,” and other derogatory terms applied to non-Jews, the “logic” is that all non-Jews who lived before, during and after the Holocaust are responsible for that attempt to exterminate Jews.  An additional twist is that by attempting to exterminate all God’s chosen people, we guilty non-Jews have attempted to assassinate God himself.  This belief structure is demonstrated in a statement attributed to Abraham Foxman in the January 1994 Anti-Defamation League publication Frontline:

“The Holocaust is something different.   It is a singular event.   It is not simply one example of genocide but a nearly successful attempt on the life of God's chosen children and, thus, on God himself.”** (

            For militant Zionists who subscribe to this world view, that all non-Jews are involved in an ongoing plot to exterminate Jews, any transactions or alliances with non-Jews would by their very natures involve deception operations.  This is a mirror image of the militant Muslim jihad-rouser that all non-Muslims hate Islam and are on a “crusade” to destroy it, especially Christians and Jews.  This world view simultaneously exonerates militant Zionists from any responsibility for wars and resentment their behavior creates and justifies any action against non-Jews, as preemptive opportunities present themselves.  If Palestinians shoot at Israeli soldiers invading Bethlehem, or send suicide bombers into Israel after Palestinian leaders are blown up in their cars by US-supplied helicopters, the events are unrelated.  The rationale would be that Palestinians were going to carry out the attacks anyway because they are involved in the ongoing plot to exterminate Jews.  Any questioning or criticism of such militant Zionist behavior can also be readily dismissed if the objections are raised by non-Jews, who are de facto participants in the extermination plot.  Any questions raised about Zionist behavior by non-Jews, would, by definition, be part of the goyim conspiracy to exterminate Jews. 


            With this “historical justification” locked in their brains, it is possible to understand how militant Zionists can rationalize conducting an unprovoked attack on the USS Liberty, recruiting Michael Pollard to spy on the United  States, planning the bombing of a California Congressman’s office, and attempting to blow up the Mexican Legislature.  They are only goyim, after all.  The Muslim rationale for planning similar terrorist acts would be that the potential victims are only infidels.

            This belief system can also explain Israeli treatment of Palestinians.  Under this belief system, all Palestinians are evil goyim animals who not only would kill all Jews if they could, but God as well.

            What can good Zionists do when dealing with such people but destroy them before they have the opportunity to complete the ongoing secret plot to exterminate Jews?  A plot so secret in fact that, while all militant Zionists ironically know about the “secret” plot, none of the participants may know about the current Jewish extermination effort they are “participating” in, because it is just an inherent part of their inferior goyim nature, like breathing or their heart beating.  But, such ignorance is no excuse before the law of continual Jewish extermination conspiracy.  This belief structure may be the most effective self-fulfilling prophecy mechanism ever devised.

            Now, even the United States can no longer avoid doing something about Zionist spies and terrorists.  However, any policy changes that inconvenience Israel by arresting militant Zionist spies and terrorist bombers operating inside the United States risks being cited by Zionist paranoids as further confirmation that we continue to be involved in the extermination plot, as would be expected from our true goyim nature by Zionists of this mind-warp.  By logical extension, if attempting to exterminate all Jews is an attempt to kill God, then acting against the perceived collective interest of  Zionists by arresting Zionist terrorist bombers and assassins is to oppose the will of God.  How inconsiderate it is of us goyim to believe that we have any right to defend ourselves against Zionist spies, terrorists and assassins.

            Once initiated, there is probably no way out of this downward-spiraling paranoid mind set, short of  administering a stiff dose of  Thorazine.  Attempting to convince armed militant Zionists that they are in need of reality-orienting medication might be as dangerous an undertaking as attempting to convince armed militant Muslims that Christians, Jews and Muslims all worship the same God under different names.  At the end of the day, the only distinction between worldwide terrorist leaders Ariel Sharon and Osama bin Laden, and the respective world views they represent, is on which side of the political mirror they appear to be standing.

            Militant Zionists and Militant Muslims have both established essentially the same worldwide economic, political and terrorist management systems structured around their local religious outlets.  Neither can function at current levels without sponsor nations.  Militant Zionist terrorist operations are managed by Israeli intelligence agencies like the Mossad and Sabak.  Israeli worldwide recruitment of agents is so bold and sophisticated that there is actually a website ( where anyone can volunteer to participate in intelligence collection and field operations for Israel.  Militant Muslims have had numerous Al Qaeda-type operations with their respective national sponsors, such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya.  Both terrorist systems recruit and raise funds through local mosques and synagogues respectively.  Neither side respects national sovereignty nor individual rights, if violating either will advance their perceived interests.  Neither can exist and operate worldwide without the local fund-raising, political support and recruits generated through local mosques and synagogues.

            Israel’s terrorist operations are the most effective.  An excellent example is the manipulative strategy the Zionist faction led by Ariel Sharon currently executes against the Palestinians.  Zionist terrorists who made themselves famous committing the atrocities which established Israel dominate this particular faction.  These individuals, like their Muslim counterparts, want perpetual war.  It may be difficult to comprehend, but there are people within Muslim and Jewish cultures, who, given a choice between living in war or peace, would choose to live at war.

            By intentional affronts, such as Ariel Sharon walking across Muslim sacred ground on the Dome of the Rock and stating that it belongs to Israel, Palestinian violence is incited.  When the foreseeable reaction occurs, it justifies implementation of a double-bind strategy to perpetuate conflict: (1) destroy Palestinian leadership legitimacy and effectiveness so Israel can avoid negotiating on the excuse there is no effective leadership; and (2) always demand new compromises, despite any progress on meeting previous demands, to alienate Palestinians from their leadership and further radicalize them to commit new acts of violence.


            If President George W. Bush is serious about shutting down every terrorist organization in the world, he cannot ignore either Muslim or Zionist terrorist operations, including fund-raising and allied political operations through local mosques and synagogues in the United States.  It would be hypocritical of President Bush to seek the arrest and prosecution of the Muslims responsible for murdering sailors on the USS Cole and not seek the arrest and prosecution of the Zionists responsible for murdering sailors on the USS Liberty in 1967.  One would hope the Bush Administration has set no statute of limitation on the consequences for murdering United States sailors and other members of the military.

            This is our predicament.  We are now caught between two global terrorist organizations, militant Muslims and militant Zionists, that consider the entire planet a free-fire zone.  Shutting down only Muslim fund-raising, seizing only Muslim financial assets and arresting only Muslim suspects will not leave us safe. We are also both sponsor nation and victim nation of militant Zionist terrorist operations.  Militant Zionist intelligence and financial operations, terrorist and intelligence recruitment, and terrorist fund-raising through front organizations must be closed down in the United States as well.  If not, Muslims will legitimately perceive that current members of the United States power structure support Zionist terrorism, even when Zionists conduct intelligence operations and commit terrorist acts against our fellow United States citizens.  Do you really want to be dodging bombs, bullets and germs for the rest of your life to benefit one or the other of two groups of imbeciles hell-bent on turning their 106 year old spiteful next-door-neighbor relationship into a worldwide conflict?  I think a reasonable answer is, “HELL, NO!”

            It is time to put both of these murderous groups permanently out of business in the United States and out of our misery.  If the current Government crew in Washington is not up to the task or insists on continuing to play their current version of  “the Great Game” with either militant Muslims or militant Zionists, they should be replaced at the next opportunity with people who are up to the task.



            * To date, my research has not identified any word in common usage that serves as a general label for the class or set of people who hate an individual or group because of their religion.  There are terms for, or that imply, hatred of specific religions, anti-Semitic, anti-Catholic, etc., but no generic English word seems to exist that would represent the category of all haters of  specific or general practitioners of religion.  The lack of an existing word for this concept was made evident by three questions that arose while preparing Part II of this editorial:

1. What is the correct term for a Muslim who hates both Jews and Christians?

2. What is the correct term to describe both Jews and Muslims who hate each other because of their religious differences?

3. What is the correct term to describe a person who hates practitioners of all religions other than their own?

            Research identified four compound words which could be constructed that would distinguish several types of generic hatred of religious practitioners:

1. misodisbelieverist, a hater of those who disbelieve or refuse belief in a religion held by the hater.

2. misoinfidelist, a hater of persons who do not believe in what the hater holds to be the true religion.

3. misomisbelieverist, a hater of those who practice a religion held to be false or unorthodox by the hater.

4. misounbelieverist, a hater of those who do not accept a specific religious belief.

            If anyone has knowledge of existing words with the same meaning as any of these four new compound words, please contact me.

            The logic for constructing these compound words was derived from the following critical definitions cited from The Oxford English Dictionary, Second Edition, Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1989.

Vol. IV, p. 725


One who disbelieves or refuses belief; an unbeliever.”

Vol. VII, p. 927


1. One who does not believe in (what the speaker holds to be) the true religion; an unbeliever.”

Vol. IX, p. 848


One who holds a false or unorthodox belief; a heretic or infidel.”

P. 876


. . . combining form of the root of . . . to hate, . . . hatred . . . . The most important adoptions and coinages will be found as main words, viz. MISANTHROPY, MISOGAMY, MISOGYNY, MISOLOGY, MISONEISM, and the related words; others, chiefly nonce-words, follow here. [NOTE: “Nonce-words” are words created for a specific need or one time use.]

misandry, the hatred of males. [NOTE: Therefore a hater of men would be a misandrist.]

misarchist, one who hates or opposes government of any kind.

misobasilist, a hater of kings. . . .

misocapnist, a hater of smoke.

misocatholic, a., hating what is (Roman) Catholic. . . .

misogrammatist, a hater of letters or learning. . . .

misotheism, . . . hatred of God or gods; so misotheist, misotheistic.”

Vol. XVIII. P. 878


One who does not believe; spec. one who does not accept a particular religious belief, an infidel.”


**Irmin. “[A Review of] Finkelstein's Holocaust Industry: Remembering the Jewish Holocaust.” Undated, Racial Nationalist Library (publisher).


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