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I told you so.



James Roger Brown


            I told you so.

            The SB 860 fiasco1 and the e-mailed correspondence of Russell Rigsby made public validate what I have been documenting and reporting to the Arkansas media for eight years.  DHS operations are riddled with organized crime management tools.

            Russell Rigsby’s exposed attempt to deceive and manipulate the Arkansas Legislature did not fail because it was the exceptional act of an arrogant individual.  It failed because an arrogant and over-confident State agency thought its past successes with lies and manipulations meant it could get away with anything.  Employees and administrators at the Department of Human Services have been deceiving and manipulating legislators, judges and juries for decades.  Russell Rigsby was detected because he is less competent than those who remain behind, secure in their respective positions and undetected by the Arkansas media.  The arrogance and child exploitation continue without any pretense of shame.

            The DHS Administration has learned nothing from this or any of its previous embarrassments.  From 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM on May 3 and 4 I picketed DHS to say, “I told you so.”  One side of my sign read “I TOLD YOU SO!  DHS IS A CRIMINAL EMPIRE!  ASK ME HOW THEY DO IT!”.  ( I handed out directions for accessing the The Eighth City website where articles I wrote on organized crime in government are posted.)  The other side read “”UNCLE JOE” QUINN--NO LIE TOO BIG FOR DHS!  DEMAND FBI INVESTIGATION!”.

            The second day of my picketing, DHS Spokesman Joe Quinn, grinning ear-to-ear as he entered the DHS building, stated:

“Okay!  Another day in the criminal empire.  Here I go. . . .I want your sign when you’re done.  I’d love it as a souvenir for my Office if you want to drop it off.”

He wanted the sign as a souvenir, presumably as tangible proof of his effectiveness at protecting DHS from accountability for the ongoing criminal activities in the Agency.

            In her May 6 column, Meredith Oakley asks “What really happened at DYS?”2

            I can answer that question.

            Meredith Oakley can look in the Democrat-Gazette dumpster for the documentation, apparently ignored, that I have given them since 1993; or she can assign a staff member to visit Mr. Brown's Neighborhood on The Eighth City website at http://www.eighthcity.com/Articles/Rogerbrown/rogerbrown.htm, which describe how and why organized criminal exploitation of children is accomplished.  These thoroughly documented articles incorporate the materials I sent to the Democrat-Gazette, and to other Arkansas media, all of which failed to publish any articles or broadcast reports based upon the information.

            Now, with her question answered, perhaps Meredith Oakley, or someone at the Democrat-Gazette, can turn their attention to answering another question.

            Did “Uncle Joe” Quinn, as spokesman/propaganda minister for DHS, play any role in the Democrat-Gazette’s failure to investigate the information I provided them and other Arkansas media?  The public is entitled to know how effective Mr. Quinn has been at influencing the Democrat-Gazette, and other media, since the citizens of Arkansas pay his salary.  The Democrat-Gazette staff are among those who should know.

            In her May 7 column3, Meredith Oakley misleadingly claims “Twice during that time period [four years], this newspaper produced well-researched and heart-rending exposés....”  The articles were certainly heart-rending, but they were selectively “researched” as part of and for the purpose of the Democrat-Gazette’s annual effort to win a specific publishing award.  They ignored evidence and documentation I provided that the horrors were much worse.

            When they and other local media ignored it, I wrote articles for an Internet newspaper The Eighth City Sentinel documenting that the annual number of DHS founded child abuse allegations can  be predicted, with reasonable accuracy, from the number of federal salary fund dollars needed to balance the DCFS payroll.  The Democrat-Gazette did not.

            I documented that the contractors filing DHS federal fund claims are paid a commission on the increase in filed claims over the previous contract period.  The Democrat-Gazette did not.

            I documented how psychological testing is rigged to produce false positives.  The Democrat-Gazette did not.

            I documented how brainwashing techniques are used in child abuse investigation interviews to manipulate and coerce children to lie, saying that abuse or molestation occurred when it did not.  The Democrat-Gazette did not.

            I have been informed that DHS Spokesman Joe Quinn, acting as representative of DHS, has used the dismissive label “nutbag” when referring to me in discussions with the local news media.  If we assume his labeling is correct, then a “nutbag” has discovered and documented why DHS produces the fruit it bears while the management and staff at the Democrat-Gazette has remained baffled.  That implies one of two things: either the collective intellectual capacity of the Democrat-Gazette management and staff is somewhere below that of a “nutbag,” or an intellectual con artist and hired character assassin has successfully diverted them from reporting the truth.  They should investigate and report to the public which of the two possibilities is correct.  Perhaps former Governor Tucker’s assessment that Arkansas reporters are too dumb to figure out how nefarious schemes are accomplished through government agencies was correct.

            A piece of Biblical problem solving advice may be applied.  If one is confused about the identity of a particular tree, the fruit lying around it may provide an important clue.  For over 20 years, the annual fruit crop produced by DHS has been a consistent annual increase in federal funds brought into the Arkansas economy.  DHS, especially with regard to children, is an exploitation machine to produce money.  It never was intended to be and has never been an implement to actually improve anyone’s life.  The failure of DHS to reduce the annual number of founded child abuse allegations through DCFS and its failure to solve the “troubled youth” problem through DYS is not the result of incompetence.  Achieving the same results for over twenty years is the consequence of competent management meeting the Agency’s true operational goals.  Actually solving these problems would harm the Arkansas economy by reducing the influx of conditional federal funds.

            Perhaps Meredith Oakley was absent or her attention diverted at legislative hearings to reform DHS several years ago when a legislator instructed then-Director Tom Dalton to ensure that reforms did not reduce federal funds produced by DHS.  If she had not missed that, she might not be experiencing her current frustration and confusion.

            Despite the grandiose claims for their professional abilities, no number of frustrated social workers will be sufficient to accomplish the miracle of having children in DHS custody fill their bowls with cherries from the fruit of a money tree.  It is no wonder DHS employees report experiencing frustration.

            I would suggest that Meredith Oakley, and other staff, might acquire a better grasp of reality, as I did, by interviewing children aging out of the foster care program; former DHS employees (some of whom left because they could not stomach what they were asked to do obtain federal funds); parents, children, and others destroyed during false child abuse investigations; and former members of Governor Huckabee’s staff.  As a historical parallel, at the Nuremberg trials, survivors of the Nazi death camps and medical experiments proved to be more reliable sources of information and evidence about daily Nazi “policy outcomes” than camp administrators and guards.

            Perhaps my pointing out the competency failures of the Democrat-Gazette and other Arkansas media will be criticized as too harsh.  After all, people are limited in their thinking by the intellectual boxes of their times.  The current generation is further disadvantaged by the dumbing down of our education system.

            Still, there are examples which demonstrate that research and objective reasoning can perceive the truth.  From 1921 to 1926, Billy Mitchell traveled the world collecting information on military development.  Based upon the knowledge he accumulated, he predicted that the Japanese would attack American military assets in the Philippines and Hawaii by air and most probably on a weekend.  He was court-martialed for his foresight.  There were even German college students who opposed Hitler.  They were made posthumous heroes.  Occasionally, “I told you so” is justified.



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