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            In disaster, peace, or war, we must survive under the circumstances in which we find ourselves.  In doing so, we do not have to be provincial.  It is easy to take comfort in the familiarity of a place, with people we have known for some time, shared political and religious ideology, or even with people who just speak the same language.  However, history demonstrates to us that changes occasionally occur in the world that render being provincial a fatal flaw.  In such times of crisis it may be advisable to closely scrutinize the survival value of intellectual structures through which information is organized about the external world.  Provincialism may become a luxury we cannot afford under circumstances existing at a specific time.  If an evaluation of the intellectual tools we use to deal with the world determines a certain thing is unreliable, it would be foolish to rely upon others who continue using it

            As experienced by citizens of previous civilizations that no longer exist, we may arrive at a time when a clever enemy finds some means to turn everything we are familiar with into a death trap.  If this occurs, the scales may fall from our eyes and we may at last perceive that a false sense of security blinded us to fatal dangers present all along.  Undetected weaknesses may exist in each of our daily routines, just waiting for someone with malicious intent to exploit them.

            We may discover that leaders in whose hands we have placed our lives are deceiving, hypocritical, protective business partners in economic and political league with the very people seeking to kill us all.  Worse, we may discover that both our enemies and leaders have a shared common interest in hiding the same things from our eyes and understanding. We may have individuals in positions of responsibility who create a facade of normality behind which they avoid solutions that will save our lives, because they have contrary personal interests or appetites.  Instead, in the face of our complete destruction, they may blindly engage in their own rape, pillage, and plunder operations on the foolish presumption the enemy will not also slit their throats in the end.

            The example of the Vandals may demonstrate to us that we have something in common with the last citizens of the Roman Empire.  Prior to 442 AD, Vandals were official allies of Rome with status to settle in Roman territory.  Our term “vandalize” is derived from the treachery exhibited by the Vandals who turned on their former allies and in 455 AD actually sacked and nearly destroyed the city of Rome.  Unlike citizens of the Roman Empire, or of governments run by despots and monarchs, participants of democracies such as ours cannot legitimately claim powerlessness.


            As with passengers on the airplanes turned into suicide bombs September 11, some never grasp the reality of their situation until the scales are pried from their eyes with the lever of fatal experience.  Their folly may be the last thing they comprehend.  Although some on the September 11, United Flight 93 gained sufficient enlightenment to recognize that the Government Policy of complying with highjackers was moronic from its inception, enlightenment did not occur in sufficient time to save themselves, just in time to prevent further damage to others.  There are many lessons to be learned from the multiple disasters of September 11, but you will only hear from government those lessons that serve the interests of government officials.

            When it comes to being aware of what is happening in the world around them, there are people who have stone heads of the finest quality granite.  Some individuals in a burning building may choose not to leave without their property because of emotional attachments, or greed.  Two  historical events may also serve as instructive parallels, the sinking of the Titanic and the attack on Pearl Harbor.  To their fatal experience, passengers and crew on the Titanic believed and relied upon false assurances of corporate and government officials that nothing could sink a ship human beings  designed to be unsinkable.  Pearl Harbor demonstrates the risks ordinary citizens, both private and military, are subjected to when they rely upon arrogant, “Great Game” playing political and military leaders.  Intelligence warnings that Pearl Harbor was vulnerable to Japanese attack began in 1926 at the court-martial of Col. Billy Mitchell.

            At some point, the stone heads may have to be left to their fate in order that others may be saved.  Substituting motives of emotional attachment or greed for good sense, even after having reality explained to them in sufficient detail the infamous “average person” should understand, some people may refuse to participate in the changes necessary to save the rest of their fellow citizens.  Such individuals may have to be left to whatever natural fate results from being on the wrong side of necessary changes.  No matter how tempting, one should not add their own foolishness by expediting the demise of such persons.  Instead, the focus must be maintained on true National and Constitutional interests and on the safety of our families in future democracy management and policy decisions (elections and ballot initiatives).  There can be no more irrelevant emotional attachments or greed in how we vote and in the demands we make of elected officials.  If we do not want corrupt government, we must each refrain from corrupting it ourselves.

            We now have an ugly situation that demands our attention.  Without our knowledge or permission, Federal and State Government Officials have been playing fatal games with our lives.  While entrusted with use of our national assets to secure our territory and lives, they have instead secretly played no-limit Greed Poker in a smoke-filled back room.  Exploiting the criminal greed,  negligence and incompetence of our self-preoccupied leadership, the Vandal tribes of our day seek our destruction.  These various modern Vandal tribes have flooded into our land in unknown numbers with the malicious intent to wreak havoc in pursuit of their various tribal goals.  Some entered our borders with pure malevolent intent, while others selfishly never intended to lift a finger in benefit of anyone’s interest other than their own.  In the wake of the failure of government officials to do their jobs, ordinary citizens are on their own in sorting out the good, bad and ugly among our adopted citizen brothers and sisters and the itinerant visitors.

            For some in positions of national responsibility, their actions have gone beyond negligence and incompetence.  A few Justice Department prosecutors and FBI agents escaped the severe moral corruption and brain rot produced by the political prions of CRD (Clinton-Reno Disease).  When these unaffected FBI agents tried to investigate the legality and legitimacy of some foreign poker players in that smokey back room, they were ordered away by George Bush.

            Which brings us to an important dark question, how many FBI agents does it take to change a light bulb?  That depends on whether George Bush wants it changed.  Which George Bush you ask?  Good question.

            In spite of everything that has happened since September 11, at least one Vandal tribe is still being protected from accountability while we are robbed of our remaining rights and liberties by the very Leaders who have previously betrayed us for money.  The diplomatic joke, “You cannot buy an Afghani, but you can rent one,” circulated during war preparations as a derogatory characterization of Afghanistan’s tribal and militia leaders, is an equally pertinent characterization of America’s Democrats and Republicans, both elected and appointed.  The rental fee for some may not require money at all, just physical contact with one part of their anatomy or another.

            We did not come to this dire predicament as a consequence of honest men and women in Washington, D.C., and in our State Capitals faithfully executing the duties of their offices.  How we arrived at this point is an ugly, treacherous tale of unsavory deeds.  Through betrayal and perfidy the United States has become the next war zone for militant Zionists and militant Muslims conducting their mutual hatred campaigns.  On the leading edge of this crisis, some foolishly look to Zionist terrorists currently in control of Israel for model leadership in how to deal with Muslim terrorists.  The only relevant history lesson the political leadership of Israel can currently provide the world is the negative example of how to incite and motivate Muslims to create and sustain their own worldwide terrorist operation.


            Historian Jan C. Sarna served as a consultant in preparing Part I.


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